Get Healthy. Stay Healthy. Perform Better.

Does any of this sound familiar?

“I feel like I take care of my body. So, why am I always hurt?

“I want to go into Spring Training confident that I will get through a full season in one piece.”

“I’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to work. I just wish I could finally play pain-free.”

We can help. 

Performance & Longevity for the Elite Baseball Player

When it comes to competing at the highest levels of the game, you need to have more than just strength, power, speed, and agility — you need to have the capacity to withstand the demands of a long and gruelling season.

We use a multidisciplinary, comprehensive approach to physical preparation which involves a unique combination of manual therapies, mobility drills, and specific strength enhancement to keep you healthy, on the field, and performing at your best.

Why Train with the Baseball Performance Group?

Individualized programming tailored to your unique needs, current abilities, & physical readiness.

Targeted therapeutic interventions to expedite the recovery process, & get you back on the field.

Ongoing assessments to mitigate injury risk & maximize training adaptations.

“I needed to work on speed, first-step quickness and staying agile in the lower half. I’m down 15 pounds from last off-season, my strength numbers went up and I dropped almost half a second off my 60. It was great working with them.”

Andy Yerzy

2nd Round, 52nd pick overall 2016 MLB draft

Experience the BPG Difference

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